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Welcome to Our Online Home

Who We Are…

We are C. Michael (Mike), Amy, Gavin, Aidan and Kaelyn Pilato. We hail from Harrisburg, North Carolina, a small but rapidly growing community just outside of Charlotte.

Gavin and Aidan are our "little monsters". They're into soccer, archery, Lego® — the typical boy stuff — asserting their dominance over man, beast, and each other. They also enjoy both consuming and producing music, using their voices plus the various instruments found around our home: piano, drums, guitars, etc.

Kaelyn is the latest addition to our family. At her current early stage of development, she's pretty much only interested in sleeping, eating, and pooping. We trust that, in time, she'll develop some additional hobbies.

Amy is a full-time wife, mother, and home educator. In her free time (ha!), she enjoys playing board games. Sometimes, when Mike is fortunate enough, Amy lends her beautiful voice to his musical dabblings. When something memorable happens, Amy often thinks, "I ought to ThotKeeper that!" But as a rule, she's too busy making memories to actually record them.

Mike is into computer-ish things. He's a software engineer for the Bay-area company CollabNet. Mike is one of the primary developers of Subversion (an open-source version control tool), the core maintainer of ViewVC (a web-based version control repository browser), and co-author of Version Control with Subversion (2008, 2004, O'Reilly Media). He enjoys playing soccer, writing and recording music, graphic and website design, and countless other activities for which he, in all honesty, really doesn't have time.

That's us. And that's who this little website is about. Bored yet? Try some Web Sudoko.